Friday, 29 April 2011

JuliaPhoenixSimurgh animation

This is a fractal zoom animation of a Julia/Phoenix/Simurgh fractal (dmj3.ufm), coloured with Thin Orbit Traps II (tma.ucl). It was made with Ultra Fractal and took about a week to render. Enjoy!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Technicolour Daydreams

Colourful and swirly! PhoenixNova (dmj.ufm) formula, coloured with Thin Orbit Traps II (tma.ucl) and Fibers And Things (reb.ucl). Enjoy!

Geometrical Winds

Today I decided to make a Hopalong gnarl with Naru's Gnarly Potpourri (tma.ucl) and lots of geometrix texture. I guess it's pretty obvious that I love playing around with the formulas in dmj.ufm, especially the Phoenix formulas, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that this is a PhoenixNova (Julia) fractal (bailout value: 1E-12).
I think that of all the gnarl types you can choose from, Hopalong definitely creates the coolest-looking gnarls. It's really versatile and can give all kinds of different results (a few examples: 3D, abstract and hearty). I'm pretty happy with this one, I really like all the spirals, the little details and the combination of purple and orange. Click for a bigger view and enjoy! =D

Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter!

I was trying some stuff with a PhoenixDoubleNova (Julia) (dmj.ufm) fractal earlier today, and I discovered that changing the bailout value to 1E-12 and colouring it with Fibers And Things (reb.ucl) creates a really neat result. It is somewhat similar to a Phoenix (Julia) coloured with Triangle Inequality Average, although I prefer to colour my Phoenix fractals with Thin Orbit Traps II. Anyway, this is what I came up with after playing around for a while. A lovely abstract Easter fractal. Enjoy!
And because Fibers And Things is my favourite colouring algorithm at the moment, I have included two more fractals where I have used it. This one is a Phoenix (Julia) (standard.ufm) fractal with Fibers And Things and TIA/fBm + (jam2.ucl). Shiny! =D
This is Magnet2 (Julia) (dmj.ufm) formula with Fibers And Things and Sine-Mod III (tma.ucl) colouring.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Shiny Julia

I had some fun with the General Tent Julia (lkm.ufm) formula earlier today, and this is what I ended up with. I like the textures and the shiny, 3D-ish effect. For once I managed to avoid using Thin Orbit Traps II, because I feel like I have used it in almost every fractal I've made lately.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

DoubleNova animation

Here's a new fractal animation, the first one I've made in a while. It took "only" 61 hours to render, and I'm pretty happy with the result. I have another animation rendering at the moment, a Julia/Phoenix/Simurgh (dmj3.ufm) fractal with tons of details. I'm pretty excited about that one, and I think it'll be ready in a week or so. Hopefully it'll look good.
This is a DoubleNova (Julia) (dmj.ufm) fractal with Thin Orbit Traps II (tma.ucl) colouring. Enjoy!

Fractal Exploration

I had some fun exploring a fractal last night, and here is the result. This is a Nova/Mandelbrot/Phoenix/Simurgh (dmj3.ufm) fractal, coloured with Thin Orbit Traps II (tma.ucl).

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

StutterMandel fun

I just felt like making something purple.. This is a StutterMandel (dmj.ufm) coloured with Thin Orbit Traps II (tma.ucl) and KPK Squeezed Banana (kpk.ucl).

Monday, 11 April 2011


Slope (LambdaJulia) formula (dmj.ufm), coloured with Naru's Gnarly Potpourri (tma.ucl) and KPK Squeezed Banana (kpk.ucl). It looks pretty tropical and sweet to me ^^

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Gnarly Potpourri

I felt like making a Hopalong gnarl earlier today, and after about an hour of messing around in Ultra Fractal, I ended up with this. The formula I used was HalleyNova(Mandelbrot) (dmj.ufm) and I coloured it with Naru's Gnarly Potpourri, Thin Orbit Traps (tma.ucl) and KPK Squeezed Banana (kpk.ucl). I think it looks pretty neat =D

Inverted Julia

Two fractals I made last night. I used Julia (Inverted) formula (dmj.ufm) and Thin Orbit Traps II (tma.ucl) colouring.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Phoenix Fun

Here are a few more fractals, the first one was made last night and the two others were made today. I've just had some fun with the PhoenixDoubleNova(Julia) and PhoenixHalleyNova(Julia) formulas from dmj.ufm. Click for a bigger view and enjoy! =)

Summery Feeling

Ahoy there! I have spent almost my entire mid-semester break being sick and whiny, but at last I'm feeling better. I haven't made any fractals or zooms lately, partially because I've been sick, but mainly because I've been feeling lazy and uninspired. However, earlier this evening I stumbled across a super-awesome fractal blog and suddenly I felt an urge to play around with Ultra Fractal again.
This is what you end up with when you're really tired and really inspired (and still a bit sick and dizzy).
PhoenixDoubleNova (Julia) formula (dmj.ufm) and Thin Orbit Traps II(tma.ucl), Circle Trap, Hypocycloid Trap (jam.ucl) and Triangle Inequality Average (standard.ucl).
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