Friday, 28 January 2011

Let There Be More Light

My second digital painting! I decided to try to do a black & white one, and I think it went reasonably well.. I'm happier with the hair and the shadin in this one. I got lazy with the background though and just slapped some paint on it. The title is from a random Pink Floyd song :)
I spent about 3-4 days on this one, and it was done in Photoshop with pen and tablet.
I used this picture by Glodis2-stockphotos as a reference.

I made a walkthrough for this one as well. Click for a bigger version and enjoy!

Monday, 24 January 2011

First painting: Violet

Phew, my first digital painting is finished! I'm reasonably happy with it, but there are plenty of things that could be improved. I definitely need to practise a lot on painting hair, because this looks awful! 
I painted this one in Photoshop with pen and tablet, and I spent about 5 days on it, painting 2-3 hours every day.
I used this beautiful picture by Dagwanoenyent-Stock as a reference.

I also made a walkthrough, if anyone should be interested in looking at the progress of the painting. Click it for a bigger version! :)

Friday, 21 January 2011

Gnarly Potpurri

More KPK Moebius fractals! This time with Naru's Gnarly Potpurri from tma.ucl, because gnarls are so much fun to make! I used Hopalong, Gnarl and Driftwood.
Both fractals are really simple, only 5 and 4 layers, and each took less than an hour to make. I should probably try to make something worthy of  posting on DeviantArt and RedBubble soon, but I don't have the patience and inspiration for it at the moment. 

I like this one the most, even though I'm not particularly fond of pink. I think it's mainly because I'm craving candy right now, and this one looks so sweet and sugary! =P

This one just makes me think of confetti and celebrations..

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Moebius fun

I simply love the KPK Moebius' Julia Barnsley formula! Well, actually I love all the KPK formulas, but this one is especially fun to play around with. This fractal has 5 layers and the colouring algorithm I used was Thingamajigs II. For once I stayed away from the Cellular Automata's, and instead used a texture from Thingamajigs. I like the textures I get with Cellular Automata, but it gets a bit boring if I use it in every fractal I make. =D
I'm not sure about the colours yet and I might change them later, but right now I like it :)

Friday, 14 January 2011

Playing The Piano At Night

Ultra Fractal and KPK Treebarney formula.. I posted this one last week, but I've changed the colours and cropping a tiny bit. I'm much more happy with this version of it =D

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Back in Scotland

I'm back in Scotland again.. The spring semester at Stirling Uni doesn't start until February 14th, but I had things to do here so I had to go now. My boyfriend, Aki, arrives here tomorrow, and we're gonna snuggle, kiss and practice Norwegian and Finnish. He is trying to teach me Finnish and I'm trying to teach him Norwegian. He already knows Swedish and understands a lot of Norwegian so it's really easy for him, but I'm having a hard time with the Finnish. It's really tricky! =D 
We're also gonna try to find a job for Aki since he's not studying at the moment, and I have already started writing applications for summer jobs in Norway.. I really need a job this summer, and Aki does too, so I figured I would start early. We're hoping for jobs at nursing homes and stuff like that =D
I haven't felt particularly artsy lately, I've barely touched the tablet and I haven't even bothered opening Ultra Fractal. I suppose it's partly because I'm homesick and partly because I'm missing Aki. I haven't seen him for weeks, because he's been in Finland. Oh well, he's coming here tomorrow so it'll be better then ^^ 

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Two fractals I made with KPK Treebarny formula. It's a tricky formula, but still a lot of fun to play around with =D

Saturday, 8 January 2011


After admiring BeesKnees67's beautiful fractal abstracts on DeviantArt last night, I felt like making something brownish and abstract myself. The formula I used was Very Advanced Gnarl and the colouring algorithms are too many to mention! ;) 
This fractal has 12 layers and it took ages before I was happy with it. I like it a lot and I think it's a bit different from what I normally do. We'll see if I post it on DeviantArt or not, I haven't decided yet.

Thursday, 6 January 2011


And here's yet another fractal that didn't go anywhere, although I didn't intend to make a DeviantArt-worthy fractal when I opened Ultra Fractal today. I just wanted to make something with a formula I hadn't tried before. 
The fractal has 4 layers and the formula I used is KPK Don Quixley (I love the KPK formulas!).The colouring althorithms used are Trapestry-x, Thingamajigs II, Harlequin II and Cellular Automata 3. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Purple Barnsky

Here's something I made for fun just a while ago. It's another simple fractal, nothing special, and it took me less than an hour to make it. It has 6 layers and the formulas I used were KPK SKCD Barnsky and Julia. The colouring algoritmhs are Trapestry-x, Paul Carlson's Orbit Traps, Rose Range Lite, Function Angle and Cellular Automata 4.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Pretty blue

I have no idea what to call this one and I'm too lazy to come up with a title. It's just a quickee fractal anyway, I'm not going to post it on DeviantART or anything. I started this fractal earlier today, and I worked on it on and off for about 3-4 of hours. Ultra Fractal, 5 layers and KPK Moon 1 formula. I used Kampyle Of Eudoxus colouring algorithm on two of the layers and Trapestry-x on the rest.


Sunday, 2 January 2011

Fascination Street

The first fractal of 2011 is rendered, yay! It didn't take me that long to make either, only a bit more than an hour I think. I had to look through Winamp to find a suitable title for it and I chose "Fascination Street", which is a The Cure song. I think it kinda fits ^^
The formula is KPK Moebius' Julia Barnsley and it only has four layers.
In other news, I'm finally starting to feel better. My throat is still a bit sore and I have some trouble talking, but at least it doesn't hurt anymore. I'm just glad I'm well enough to fractal again =D
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