About me

My name is Hanne and I'm a Norwegian girl who loves to make fractals, and I've been making them for almost 5 years now. I started with a program called Apophysis, but I've been using Ultra Fractal since December 2009. In addition to making fractals, I enjoy drawing, photography and digital painting.

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  1. I saw your ART on your pages.
    It is very interesting!

    I am new to Norway, so started to run my own selfemployed company.
    And I am at the point to prepare presentations for my services. And I stopped at the point that I need some background art.

    If I publish my presentations I am sure that about 2 000 people will watch it (on LinkedIn and Facebook). And that is why I write to you.
    Will you agree to let me to put your art. in the backgroung of my presentation, and on the last slide will be information: who created the art. with the link?

    I would like to be fair with the rights of using the intelectual right 3rd persons.

    What do you think about such cooperation?
    I would not like to talk about the money now, I am earning very very little for norwegian standards.

    So if you agree, I will be very glad.

    You can find me on www.aliensit.com and on linkedin.


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