Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Here's a little something I made last night.. Figured I would post it now before I bury myself in 19th century Germany, the Russian Revolutions and the Habsburg Empire. I've been surprisingly efficient today, it's only 12:50 and I've already had breakfast, read half a chapter about Bismarck and Germany and walked to the university in pretty crappy weather carrying 8 very heavy books. Usually I'm barely concious at this time of the day, but recently I've been getting up earlier and earlier. Maybe it's something in the water that's messing with my internal alarm clock. Or maybe the excessive amounts of coffee I have consumed recently have something to do with.

Anyway, this is a KPK Barnsky Pro (kpk.ufm) fractal coloured with Thingamajigs II (tma.ucl). Enjoy! :)

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