Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Back in Scotland

I'm back in Scotland again.. The spring semester at Stirling Uni doesn't start until February 14th, but I had things to do here so I had to go now. My boyfriend, Aki, arrives here tomorrow, and we're gonna snuggle, kiss and practice Norwegian and Finnish. He is trying to teach me Finnish and I'm trying to teach him Norwegian. He already knows Swedish and understands a lot of Norwegian so it's really easy for him, but I'm having a hard time with the Finnish. It's really tricky! =D 
We're also gonna try to find a job for Aki since he's not studying at the moment, and I have already started writing applications for summer jobs in Norway.. I really need a job this summer, and Aki does too, so I figured I would start early. We're hoping for jobs at nursing homes and stuff like that =D
I haven't felt particularly artsy lately, I've barely touched the tablet and I haven't even bothered opening Ultra Fractal. I suppose it's partly because I'm homesick and partly because I'm missing Aki. I haven't seen him for weeks, because he's been in Finland. Oh well, he's coming here tomorrow so it'll be better then ^^ 

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