Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Back to school

After two months of Christmas vacation, it's finally time to get back to my studies. The university started up yesterday, but I don't have any lectures until Thursday so I can still relax. I had to get up early both yesterday and today though, because I had to sign up for seminars and tutorials. The ones I signed up for yesterday were online so I just went back to bed afterwards, but today I had to get up at 8 and walk to the university, which takes about 30-45 minutes. At the uni I somehow managed to injure my foot, and being too broke to afford the bus ticket, I had to walk home. When I finally got back to the apartment I crawled into bed, whined a bit about my foot to my boyfriend and fell into a coma. Despite sleeping for at least 4 hours, I'm still dead tired and I suppose I'm just gonna feel like a zombie all day.
I'm pretty happy with how I've organized my seminars though, because I've managed to get all of them on mondays. This has given me tuesdays and wednesdays off, and I can technically skip thurdays and fridays too, since the lectures aren't mandatory. I'm pretty sure this will come in handy if I'm behind on any essays or presentations, or if I'm sick. :)

Since this is supposed to be an art blog, I'm going to include a fractal I made in October. I've never published this one anywhere because I thought it was too crappy, but I'm not capable of making anything new today so it'll have to do. KPK Hippie formula, Thin Orbit Traps II and Trapestry-X colouring algorithms. Enjoy!

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