Thursday, 30 December 2010

Fractured Imagination

Somehow I've managed to catch a cold, and I don't like it. My throat and ears hurt and my head feels like my brain has been replaced with needles and cotton. Needless to say, I don't feel particularly artsy and creative. I opened Ultra Fractal 3-4 hours ago and tried to make a gnarl, but I didn't even manage to change the gradient before my brain decided it was time to take a break. Break of course means spending hours eating chocolate and watching shows about cats on Animal Planet. 

But even though I haven't been able to make any fractals today, I've still managed to do some stuff related to art. Despite not feeling well, I went to the city centre and bought a kneaded eraser, and last night I bought a really cheap graphics tablet online (it was on sale). I don't feel like buying a really fancy and expensive tablet yet, I want to wait a while and see if I enjoy digital painting as much as I used to first. I can't wait until it arrives though, I'm really excited and looking forward to trying it out. =D

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