Sunday, 12 June 2011

The Sweetness Of Summer

I started this one out wanting to make something that resembled dandelions, simply because I love those pretty little weeds. Personally I think it looks at least a little bit like dandelion fluff, and the colours are warm and summery, so I'm quite pleased with the result. 
This is a BarnsleyJ DeLuxe (ea.ufm) fractal, coloured with Trapestry-x and Thingamajigs II (tma.ucl).

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  1. Hi there! *waves*

    So, I'm a big fan of both listening to and recording podfic (fan fiction, read as an audiobook), and I'm currently working on some sort of coverart for a fanfic/podfic anthology that's due to go live next week. I was wondering, would it be alright if I used your fractals stock art "Roots" as a base for the anthology's cover? (I wasn't sure how to comment over at deviantart without actually making an accout over there, but then I saw you had this page, and I followed the seemed somewhat less like internet-creepery before I wrote it out like that.) I'd be sure to credit you in the liner notes of the anthology, as well as link back to the original art in my post - and I'd even drop you a link to the finished anthology, if you'd like! Feel free to look me up (, drop me a line, whatever you like.

    Thanks in advance ;-D


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