Sunday, 20 March 2011

Floral Dreams

Another quickie fractal, the first one in a few days.. I haven't felt like making any fractals, I've tried to focus on studying and finishing my essays. Not that I've actually gotten that much work done, I have a tendency to end up watching movies or playing Secret of the Stars instead. Oh well, at least I'm trying =P Just one more week now and then it's mid-semester break! An entire week off! Not that it makes that much of a difference though,  I'm only at the university three days a week anyway. Hopefully I'll manage to finish two of my essays during the break and start on the last one. Would be nice to be able to focus on studying for my exams. But, enough school-stuff for today.
This is a Round Julia formula(mtc.ufm) with Thingamajigs II(tma.ucl) and Hypocycloid Trap(jam.ucl) colouring.

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