Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Trains - A Love/Hate Relationship

I love taking the train, I really do. I think it's a very comfortable and lovely way of travelling, and it usually doesn't cost that much, which is a big plus when you're a poor student. What I don't like is that I'm apparently incapable of falling asleep on trains if the journey lasts for more than an hour. In cars, on buses, planes and on short train trips I usually nod off right away, but on long train trips? No way! It really feels like I've had 100 cups of coffee. 
I have taken the night train from Kristiansand to Oslo and back again 4 times now, and not once have I been able to fall asleep. Every single time I have spent the entire 5-6 hours long journey wide awake, completely incapable of falling asleep despite not sleeping during the day before I left. Thankfully the trains have free internet so at least I won't get bored, but it's still a bit annoying that I'm not able to get some sleep.

Right now I'm sitting on the train to Kristiansand, it's 00:57 and I'm arriving around 4:00 am. I'm not tired at all and won't get any sleep until I'm home, which wouldn't be much of a big deal if I didn't have to get up at 7:30. I have lectures at the university until 2 pm. I'm also hungry and I have no food at all, and my back hurts. Fml.
I think I'm just going to leave it here and instead let you feast your eyes upon this fractal I made a while ago. Enjoy!

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