Sunday, 7 August 2011

Fossilized Ocean

I really like this fractal. The patterns, shapes and textures are nice and I'm very happy with the colours too. Something I'm not happy about is that Ultra Fractal had some issues when I made this one, and as a result the parameter wasn't saved. I didn't realise that until the day after, when I tried to open it again and found that it didn't exist anymore. Fortunately I had already rendered a big version of the fractal, and I remember what formula and colouring algorithm I used, but this still sucks.
This one was made with Circly Koch Curve (sam.ufm) formula and Naru's Gnarly Potpourri (tma.ucl) colouring algorithm (I used the Hopalong variation if I remember correctly). Enjoy!

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  1. Bellissimi,ma come fai a crearli?
    Have a wonderful week


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